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Photoluminescent Door Handle "Exit" Sign

Photoluminescent Door Handle "Exit" Sign

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    Price: $19.95

    Product Code: PDH-EX

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    • Emergency Egress/Safety Sign
    • Explosion proof semi-rigid plastic
    • No power or wiring required
    • Requires continued exposure to at least 54 LUX illumination
    • Meets New York City Building Code Reference Standard RS 6-1 & 6-1A and Local Law 26
    • Indoor use only


    A simple way to add additional emergency egress signage. Meets stringent New York City safety codes (New York City Building Code Reference Standard RS 6-1 & 6-1A and Local Law 26 of 2004). Identifies door handles, knobs, and/or escutcheons leading to an exit pathway (fulfills RS 6-1

    No electricity or battery required. These signs can be easily placed on any flat surface using double-sided tape (not included). Under normal lighting conditions, these signs are highly visible. In the event of low (or absence of) lighting due to power failure the signs will "glow-in-the-dark." (Signs must be "charged" to glow, requires exposure to 54 LUX (5-ft candles) of fluorescent, metal halide or mercury vapor light illumination).


    Width 4"
    Height 6"
    Depth 0.625"
    Weight 2.00 lbs.
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