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Photoluminescent Sample Kit ($140 Value)

Photoluminescent Sample Kit ($140 Value)

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    Price: $95.00

    Product Code: PLKIT

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    • No electricity, no batteries
    • Thin gauge polyester film
    • Peel-off adhesive backing makes installation easy and low-cost
    • Requires 54 LUX (5-ft candles) of fluorescent, metal halide or mercury vapor light to charge material for 60 minutes
    • Install indoors only
    • Non-toxic and non-radioactive.
    • High tack tape sticks to rough surfaces
    • Long life expectancy
    • No future hazmat disposal needed


    Over $140 worth of Products. Photoluminescent products absorb and store energy from fluorescent light. In the event of an emergency involving blackout or smoke-laden conditions, this tape is immediately visible, providing a safe, illuminated evacuation path. Non-electric easily affixes to walls, handrails, columns, around door frames, and along stairways and baseboards.

    Existing tape must be removed first, using a heat gun to warm the existing material and then get an edge started or use scraper. Any residual adhesive can be removed with a commercial solvent adhesive remover.

    Kit Includes

    1 - 5' strip of PTNS2

    1 - 5' strip of PT1

    1 - 3" circle PC3

    1 - 3" circle non slip PCNS3

    2 - 3" arrow PA3

    2 - 3" arrow PANS3

    1 - 6" x 24" stair tread PTNS624

    1 - UL924 Approved Exit Sign

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