The Exit Light Company sells a full line of accessories to keep existing exit signs and emergency lights functioning like new. Replacement batteries (NiCAD and SLA), lamps (including MR16, sealed beam, and LED) & bulbs keep your emergency lights bright and operational. LED retrofit kits allow you to convert older incandescant bulb exit signs to energy-efficient LED exit signs. Emergency ballasts allow existing fluorescent lighting to used as emergency lighting. Polycarbonate shields and wire guards are avaialble to help protect exit signs and emergency lighting from external damage, including vandalism.

The Exit Light Co. - Battery 4V, 8Ah

Battery 12V, 7Ah

Starting at $30.00 | B12V7A

Battery 2/3 AA NiCad 4.8V 400mAh

Starting at $20.00 | B23AA-48

Battery 4/5 A NiCad 1.2V 1.1Ah (3 Per Pack)

Starting at $20.00 | BA-45A-3

Battery 4V, 5Ah

Starting at $20.00 | B4V5A

Battery 4V, 8Ah

Starting at $27.00 | B4V8A

Battery 6V 2.0Ah (2 Per Pack)

Starting at $26.00 | B6V23A-2

Battery 6V, 1.2Ah

Starting at $20.00 | B6V1-2A

Battery 6V, 12Ah (2 Per Pack)

Starting at $46.00 | B6V12A-2

Battery 6V, 7Ah (2 Per Pack)

Starting at $31.00 | B6V7A-2

Battery AA NiCad 1.2V 1000mAH (3 Per Pack)

Starting at $26.00 | BAA-12-3

Battery AA NiCad 1.2V 700mAh (3 Per Pack)

Starting at $16.00 | BA-AA-3

Battery AA NiCad 2.4V 300mAh (2 Per Pack)

Starting at $24.00 | BAA-24S-2