Remote Head | Single or Double | 6 Volt | Weather Proof

Base Code: RH-WP-6V

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Remote Head | Single or Double | 6 Volt | Weather Proof

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Easily increase available emergency light by attaching this remote lamp head to your existing remote head capable emergency light.

When ordering, select the wattage appropriate to your remote head capable emergency light.

Incandescent Lighting

This unit produces Incandescent light.

Bulb(a) Included

Light Bulb(s) Included
This unit includes light bulb(s).


  • Emergency Light Remote Lamp Head
  • Adjustable lamp head
  • Weatherproof for outdoor applications
  • Includes 1 or 2 Heads (depending on head options selected)
  • For use with any remote head capable emergency light or exit sign with matching voltage

Previous Product Codes: RH-WP-6V and RH-2WP-6V


Weight4.00 lb

Whats included?

  • Single or Double 6V Lamp Weather Proof Remote Head
  • Mounting Hardware
  • (1) Weatherproof Seal


The RH-WP remote head series is constructed from injection-molded, engineering grade, 5VA flame retardant, high-impact resistant, with a thermoplastic gray finish.


Smooth chrome-plated metallized reflector with plastic lens for optimal light distribution. Adjustable lamp heads with 6V wedge base incandescent lamps provide increased center-to-center spacing.

Electrical Components

Powered from low voltage power source with low voltage wiring (not provided)


The RH-WP series features a universal mounting base that mounts to single gang switch box. Distance of maximum run is determined by system voltage, wire gauge and total maximum wattage on the run. Suitable for wall or ceiling mount.

Mounting Configurations   Mounting Configurations Explained


Remote Head | Single or Double | 6 Volt | Weather Proof Dimensions

Customer Questions & Answers
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Q Martin H Gordon • 03/05/2019, 10:33:30 PM What is the specified replacement lamp for the 6 volt 5.4 watt fixture ???
A Exit Light Co. Replacement bulbs would be 6V 5.4 watts, product code L939-3 on our website.
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