Power Outage at Home – Are You Prepared?

Many of us have been in a situation when the power goes out at home. Sometimes this happens during daylight hours, but it can also happen at night. In most cases power is restored within an hour or two, but in extreme cases the outage may last for several hours or even days.   In 2019 alone, power outages have left over 15 million people without power in the United States alone (eia.gov) .  This can be due to storm damage, rolling blackouts (in place in several states throughout the U.S.) or even massive power grid failures. In public areas and workplaces, laws require emergency preparedness for the safety of the public, but are you prepared at home?

According to the Department of Homeland Security preparedness website ( www.ready.gov ), the following items are just a few on many that should be a part of your basic disaster supplies kit:

  • Water – One gallon per person, per day for 3 days
  • Food – Three day supply of non-perishables
  • Radio – Battery powered or hand cranked
  • First Aid Kit
  • Flashlight

The last item is useful for emergency lighting, which you may not consider in a residential environment. If you have a disaster supply kit, these items will be easy to locate, but what if you don’t? Our selection of residential emergency lighting may be just what you need!

Power Failure Nightlight and Flashlight

The most versatile of our residential emergency lighting is the RZNLWE-590 (pictured at right). This light plugs into a standard outlet to operate as a night light. During a power failure or when motion is detected, the nightlight automatically goes into light mode and can remain lit for up to 14 continuous hours.  If no further motion is detected, the nightlight turns off after 25 seconds.  Easily find your way in the dark during a power failure, and turn this rechargable nightlight into a portable flashlight.  Simply remove the fixture from its charging base and use either the top or front facing light for bright and reliable emergency lighting.

View our full selection of Residential Emergency Lights. You may also contact our customer service department at 877-352-3948 for assistance.