A switch to led lighting met amazing results in one Indian Factory

This week in an “All Things Considered” story from NPR, we learned a good lesson in Energy Efficiency from a factory in India that switched its clothing factory from fluorescent light tubes to energy efficient LED lights. Generally, factories in India don’t have fans, Air Conditioning none the less. When a company representative visiting the factory realized the hot temperature that thousands of workers had to endure, he knew something had to change. The whole factory removed its fluorescent lighting, and replaced the factory with LEDs. What was the expectation of switching to LED lighting? The Company Representative stated : “Look, if you’re consuming a seventh of the energy, you’re probably dissipating something like a seventh of the heat as well.” It was expected that a swith to LED lighting would reduce the temperature inside the factory. What results did this experiment result in?

Switching to LEDs did indeed prove to reduce the factories temperature. The evidence shows that a switch to LED lighting reduced the temperature of the factory by over 4 degrees. This switch resulted in a boost in profits due to increased productivity, covering the cost of replacing the fluorescent lighting fixtures in just eight months. Not only that, but in a serious discussion worldwide over changing climate, manufacturing plants are a major source of energy consumption. As more and more factories switch to LED energy efficient lighting, we see this affecting the carbon footprint in a positive way.

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Real the original story from NPR here : https://www.npr.org/sections/goatsandsoda/2018/07/23/629871725/why-a-drop-of-4-degrees-made-a-big-difference-for-a-garment-makers-bottom-line