Electroluminescent (LEC) Exit Signs

Light Emitting Capacitor (LEC) Technology is the next generation of electroluminescent light. These lights are safe, dependable and more effecient than LED lights. There are several reasons why LECs are preferable to LED based technologies, especially for safety lighting applications:

A Smaller Carbon Footprint - The Latest Standard in Energy Savings

  • Energy Efficiency - since LECs use electric fields in a capacitor structure to light up an entire area instead of discrete points of light, less energy is required to produce the requisite amount of light for a properly functioning safety lighting product

  • Visibility - because the entire surface area of the lamp is emitting light, LECs are a much more uniform and visible light source

  • Reliability - LECs can operate at higher temperatures than competing thin film LED technologies (such as OLED)

  • Lifetime - since LECs push less current through the light emitting material and do not need to be run at high wattages, the lifetime of code compliance for safety lighting applications is longer than LED based products. These units stay compliant 3-10 times longer than LED exit signs.

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