Self Testing Exit Signs

Once a month (intervals not to exceed 30 days) all exit signs that use an internal battery for Emergency Illumination should be visually inspected to ensure operation of the illumination source. In addition, each battery- backup exit sign must be tested to ensure proper illumination for no less than 30 seconds. An annual test demonstrating 1 1/2 hours (90 minutes) of operation is also required for each unit.

This testing can be time consuming and labor intensive, especially in facilities or locations with a large number of installed signs. Exit signs with self-testing / self-diagnostic capabilities allow facilities technicians to easily and quickly manage these required tests.

The Exit Light Company offers a wide variety of self-testing exit signs, emergency lights, and exit sign/emergency light combos to save you time and money without sacrificing aesthetics, durability or functionality. Learn more about Exit Sign Required Testing

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