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Power Free Exit Signs

Exit Sign - Photoluminescent Aluminum Base - Green

Power free exit signs require no electricity (AC) or battery power to work. They are illuminated via either photoluminescence ("glow-in-the-dark") or radioluminescence (low level nuclear decay). Since no AC hookup is required, installation is incredibly simple and does not require access to conduit, outlet, or the services of an electrician which translates to minimal installation costs. Since no power is required, there is zero lifetime power consumption cost! With no electronics or batteries, these signs also enjoy zero lifetime mainenance costs!

Photoluminescent tape and photoluminescent emergency egress signs absorb and store energy from ambient light (requires 54 LUX or 5-ft candles of fluorescent, metal halide or mercury vapor light to charge material for 60 minutes). In the event of an emergency involving blackout or smoke-laden conditions, the photoluminescent product is immediately visible, providing a safe, illuminated evacuation path. Requiring no power source, photoluminescent products can be installed easily in any location (ambient light source required). We carry a variety of aluminum photoluminescent exit signs, UL listed photoluminescent exit signs, decorative photoluminescent exit signs, 75' & 100' photoluminescent exit signs, and photoluminescent emergency egress signs.

Radioluminescent tritium exit signs also require no electricity or battery power, and do NOT require an ambient light source for charging - they are completely self-contained. We carry self luminous tritium exit signs in a variety of colors (red, green, black, & white), frames (black, chrome or white), and lifespans (10 year, or 20 year). A tritium sign can even be customized with your own text, logo, or other graphic (call for details - (877) 352-3948).

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