Thermoplastic Photoluminescent Exit Signs | 100' Viewing Distance

Base Code: PA3-100

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Thermoplastic Photoluminescent Exit Signs | 100' Viewing Distance

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Alternative Product: Double Sided Options: PA2 or PA3


Leading the industry in zero-energy egress systems, these exit signs utilize the latest photoluminescent technology to absorb and store ambient light. In the event of an emergency with blackout or smoky conditions this stored energy is immediately visible, creating a clearly recognizable, photoluminescent egress indicator. These innovative emergency egress signs reduce the risk of panic or injury during an evacuation, offering peace of mind while eliminating energy costs.

This product has been tested to meet all required U.S. standards by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (UL), the most widely recognized U.S. nationally recognized testing laboratory (NRTL).

UL Listed
This item has been tested and meets safety standards imposed by the Underwriters Laboratories (UL).

Photoluminescent Glow In the Dark Lighting

This unit uses long lasting, electricity free Photoluminescent Lighting (Glow in the Dark) Technology.

New York City Approved

New York City Approved
This product is approved for New York City.


  • UL 924 and NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
  • Zero energy consumption
  • Zero maintenance - no bulbs or battery replacement
  • Non-toxic, non-radioactive
  • Mounting Options: Wall, Ceiling, and Side
  • Consistent, uniform illumination, 100' visibility
  • Life Expectancy +25 years
  • Operating Temperature 50°F to 104°F
  • New York City Approved


Weight8.00 lb

What's included?

  • Photoluminescent Exit Sign (Red or Green)
  • Mounting Canopy and hardware
  • Installation Instructions and Manual


The PA3-100 Series Exit Sign has a thin, low profile construction with ABS thermoplastic paneling and photoluminescent lettering. This wire-free exit sign is high durability, non-toxic, non-radioactive and has a life expectancy of 25+ years.


Provides consistent, uniform illumination at 100 foot viewing distance.

Emergency Operation

Upon failure of the normal utility power the PA3 exit sign will provide at least 90 minutes of illumination. *The sign must be charged for a minimum of 90 minutes to become fully operational.

Battery - Battery Backup

The PA3-100 Series Exit Sign has a thin, does not require any type of battery connection.

Electrical Components

The PA3-100 Series Exit Sign does not require any type of electrical components.


The PA3-100 Series Exit Sign series is suitable for wall mount, ceiling mount, and side mount. Typical ambient lighting is usually sufficient to charge the exit sign. Ambient light levels at sign location should be measured with a light meter to confirm that 5 foot-candles (54 lux) is present on exit sign face(s). There must be a minimum of 5 foot-candle (54 lux) on exit sign face(s) of LED, fluorescent, metal halide or mercury vapor light. *Double Sided Options is not available at this time.

Mounting Configurations   Mounting Configurations Explained


Thermoplastic Photoluminescent Exit Signs | 100' Viewing Distance Dimensions

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Q DAVID THOMPSON • 08/16/2023, 1:47:59 PM Are these signs exterior rated?
A Exit Light Co. Yes, these signs can be installed outdoors - however its not suggested for direct sunlight to hit at all times.
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