Corded Exit Signs and Corded Emergency Lights

Exit signs and emergency lights with plug-and-play cords are essential when dealing with temporary structures such as event and emergency relief tents. NFPA 70 (2020 700.12.I.2) dictates:

Unit equipment shall be permanently fixed (i.e., not portable) in place and shall have all wiring to each unit installed in accordance with the requirements of any of the wiring methods in Chapter 3. Flexible cord-and-plug connection shall be permitted, provided that the cord does not exceed 900mm (3 ft) in length.

Other companies may offer emergency egress lighting fixtures with cord-sets in excess of 3 feet. Please be aware that these do not meet National Electric Code requirements and thus are not legal for use in most jurisdictions. We offer corded exit signs and corded emergency lights with a 3 foot cord with plug on a number of our best selling units. If you see a unit not listed with a 3' cord option, we still may be able to offer it (just contact us for more information).

In addition, we have a large selection of Photoluminescent and Tritium Exit Signs which are non-electrical, eliminating operating costs. They provide exceptional reliability and efficiency as they do not require electricity or batteries to operate, making them maintenance free. Our selection of Photoluminescent Exit Signs also comply with UL924 Life and Fire safety codes.

**Please note that exit signs and emergency lights with cords are custom made-to-order and addition of cord voids UL certification. As such all sales are final and no returns will be accepted.**

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