Fire Safety

Fire Extinguishers, Exit Signs, and Emergency Lighting have long been mandatory for public buildings, but newer require supplemental Photoluminescent Exit Path Markings and Emergency Egress Signs in high rise buildings. The Exit Light Company offers Fire Safety products to help guide you to safety (photoluminescent exit path markings and emergency egress signs).

The Exit Light Co. - Photoluminescent Running Man | Door Mounted | "Exit to Left / Right" Sign

Photoluminescent - Emergency Exit Only

Starting at $16.80 | ELCPEEO

75' View Photoluminescent Exit Sign

Starting at $167.00 | ELCPA75

Photoluminescent 'Not An Exit' Sign

Starting at $35.00 | ELCPNE-D

1" x 100' Roll Photoluminescent Tape

Starting at $191.00 | PT1

2" x 100' Roll Photoluminescent Tape

Starting at $381.00 | PT2