Emergency Lights

Functioning emergency lights are required to comply with state building and fire codes, insurance standards, and even OSHA standards. The Exit Light Company offers cost-effective, energy efficient emergency lights to meet a variety of applications including: industrial emergency lighting, high end architectural emergency lights, remote capable emergency lighting, recessed installation emergency lights, and wet location emergency lighting.

Our newest series of LED emergency lights use ultra bright, energy-efficient Light Emitting Diodes (LEDs). This configuration allows for low-voltage operation eliminating the need for a bulky sealed lead acid battery. Instead, units include maintenance-free NiCad batteries, making the unit much lighter and easier to install.

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The Exit Light Co. - Emergency Light with MR16 Lamps | White or Black

LED Wet Listed Emergency Light

Starting at $55.00 | ELCEL-WETLED

Steel NYC LED Emergency Light | 2 Head

Starting at $70.00 | ELCEL-STLED

Compact LED Emergency Light | White Housing

Starting at $20.00 | ELCEL-C2

LED Remote Head | Single or Double | 3 Volt

Starting at $16.00 | ELCRHP-L-3V

Wet Listed Industrial Emergency Light

Starting at $115.00 | ELCEL-WET

Emergency Light | 12 Volt | 50 or 100 Watt

Starting at $125.00 | ELCEL-HD12

Emergency Lights | Wet Location Halogen Lamps

Starting at $54.00 | ELCEL-WETMR16

Emergency Light Recessed | 6" IC Rated

Starting at $71.00 | ELCEL-RG6

Steel NYC Emergency Light | 2 or 3 Heads | 54W

Starting at $84.00 | ELCEL-ST54

Indoor / Outdoor Decorative Emergency Light

Starting at $185.00 | ELCEL-XD