Purchase Orders - Products

The Exit Light Co. accepts purchase orders for exit signs, exit lights and emergency lighting. Contact our office for a credit application or fax your standard credit information to us.

Attn: Credit Department.
FAX 877-352-3949.

Financing Lighting Projects

The Exit Light Co. offers financing for energy efficient lighting upgrades and qualified customers. We have partnered with major financial institutions in order to get better financing conditions for you. To find out if your project qualifies, contact us so that we may provide you with an assessment and more information.


  • What is the source of the financing for lighting projects?
    We use major financial institutions. Our typical package is a lease program with a $1 buy out at the end of the lease.
  • What are the conditions of the financing? Who qualifies?
    The conditions of financing depend upon the credit status of the company, years of existence and credit rating. These are determined after filling in a preliminary application that is supplied to the customer. Projects under $3,000 do not qualify for financing.
  • How much can be financed?
    $3,000 to $100,000, additional financing may be available depending on the company’s financial status.

Contact us for more information about our financial options for lighting projects and get a free, no-obligation assessment of the financing options available for your project.