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Demystifying power-free, self luminous, Tritium Exit Signs

Self-luminous EXIT signs containing the radioactive gas tritium are widely used in a variety of facilities across the United States, such as public and private office buildings, theaters, stores, schools and churches – anywhere the public needs a rapid exit path. Those who possess tritium EXIT signs are general licensees of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission or an Agreement State, and are subject to certain reporting and handling requirements, including proper disposal of unwanted or unused signs. Tritium EXIT signs pose little or no threat to public health and safety and do not constitute a security risk.” — United States Nuclear Regulatory Commission, Fact Sheet on Tritium EXIT signs

Are Tritium Exit Signs bright enough?

While tritium lamps are not visible when normal lighting is on in a building, the UL 924 required contrast ration of the face color makes the exit sign very visible when the normal lighting is off. In fact, the brightness of a Tritium Exit sign is over double the minimum requirement set by UL 924.


Are Tritium Exit Signs UL 924 approved?

Yes, all tritium exit signs sold by The Exit Light Company have a UL 924 listing for exit signs.


Which types of installations are ideal for Tritium Exit Signs?

Tritium is a perfect choice when: there is not enough ambient light to charge a photoluminescent sign; there is no electrical power supply to the location; environments where electricity could ignite particles in the environment; where zero power consumption and no maintenance cost is desired.

What is the real purpose behind lighted LED exit signs?

Power outages occur in businesses, educational and medical facilities across the country every day. Are you prepared for such an emergency? Many people think that the sole purpose of an exit sign is to mark stairwells and building exits. However, that is only a secondary purpose for lighted LED exit signs.


Image of lighted red LED exit signThe real function of lighted LED exit signs is to allow you to find the exit or emergency egress route in the event of an emergency situation. Many times a power outage can be the result of a fire in the building. In such cases, finding the emergency exits can be complicated not only by a loss of power but from the presence of smoke in emergency egress routes. Under these circumstances, lighted exits signs powered by rechargeable backup batteries can literally save lives by allowing individuals to safely exit the building.


Most relevant codes (fire, building, health or safety) require exit signs to be permanently lit. The use of light-emitting diode (LED) technology provides brighter illumination than incandescent lamps, resulting in better visibility in a fire situation. LED exit signs also consume much less energy than traditional incandescent models, typically requiring about 4 watts of power to operate. This results in significant cost savings over the life span of the fixture, especially considering that LEDs have a very long life and may last for 10 or more years of continuous use.

Is there an alternative to hard-wired Exit Signs?

Not only can the installation of regular electric exit signs be very tedious but it can be very expensive too. Besides the cost of the exit sign, you also will need to hire an electrician who taps into your power system and installs all your signs. Is there an alternative? There certainly is! You have two other options to the traditional hard-wired signs to save time and money.


Photoluminescent Signs

Photoluminescent Signs in Red, Green and Black

Photoluminescent (power free) exit signs require no electricity (AC) or battery power to work. They are illuminated via photoluminescence (“glow-in-the-dark”). Since no AC connection is required, installation is incredibly simple and does not require access to conduit, an outlet, or the services of an electrician (minimal installation costs). Since no power is consumed, there is zero lifetime power consumption cost! Since there are no electronics or batteries, these signs also enjoy zero maintenance costs!


Photoluminescent tape and emergency egress signs absorb and store energy from ambient light (requires 54 LUX -5-ft candles- of fluorescent, metal halide or mercury vapor light to charge material for 60 minutes). In the event of an emergency involving blackout or smoke-laden conditions, the photoluminescent product is immediately visible, providing a safe, illuminated evacuation path. Photoluminescent products can be installed easily in any location with sufficient ambient light source. We carry a variety of photoluminescent exit signs to meet your specific needs.


Self-Luminous Tritium Exit Signs

Self-Luminous Tritium Exit Sign in Black

They require no AC power connection and require no ambient light source for charging. They are completely self-contained, relying on radioluminescence to illuminate the letters of the exit sign. Since no AC connection is required, installation is incredibly simple and does not require access to conduit, an outlet, or the services of an electrician (minimal installation costs). Since no power is consumed, there is zero lifetime power consumption cost because there are no electronics or batteries, these exit signs also enjoy zero lifetime maintenance costs! Tritium exits sign sales and disposals are regulated by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission and require End User Contact information before your order is processed.


Not only do these two options save you power consumption and installation costs, but you can save on testing and replacement bulbs, as there are no bulbs to be changed or electrical components to be tested! In our current economy, many people are trying to save money and decrease costs. However, exit signs are required by most regulating agencies and cannot be overlooked.


The Exit Light Company strives to provide customers with best possible pricing and quality products that will ease the strain this economy has imposed. Start saving now and we guarantee that you will be 100% satisfied with our environmentally friendly and low-cost products!

April 2009 – Featured Product Showcase

image of Cast Aluminum Exit Sign with Red lettering and Black housing

The “Featured Products” area of our storefront showcases those products that we feel are exceptional because of their value, design, or quality. We recently added a product which we feel meets all three of those criteria.


We are pleased to offer a line of specially priced “Cast Aluminum Exit Signs” which include self-testing diagnostic capabilities and an additional brushed aluminum faceplate at a fantastic price.


National safety regulations require that all exit signs be tested for functionality once every twenty-eight days for five minutes and ninety minutes every six months. This testing is time-consuming and labor intensive, especially in facilities/locations with a large number of installed signs. A self testing exit sign will perform routine self-diagnostics and warn you when there is a problem. This functionality can provide a significant cost savings over the lifetime of the product.


The aluminum faceplates have “knock-out” left and/or right chevrons which can be removed to indicate direction of emergency egress. The second faceplate allows for double-sided installations. The “knock-out” chevrons and double faceplates allow these signs to be fully configurable for every conceivable installation type.


These are exceptional values and will not last for long. What’s keeping you from enjoying the architectural beauty of cast aluminum exit signs today?


As always, thank you for your continued support.