Is your company prepared for an emergency? In case the unthinkable happens, properly installed and maintained exit signs and emergency lighting systems can save lives and minimize injuries. Exit signs and emergency lights also increase security and are required by insurance companies and local building and fire codes (see regulations). Avoid serious liability and expensive fines by relying on our Exit Sign and Emergency lighting solutions.

The Exit Light Company designs, engineers, installs, tests and maintains high-quality exit and emergency lighting systems. Our company is at the cutting edge of technology on this industry. We conduct extensive research aimed at improving the efficiency of our exit and emergency lighting systems, and even hold a patent for our exit sign and emergency lighting testing methodology. Rely on professionals who understand the concerns of the lighting industry. We have helped thousands of companies with their lighting needs (see customer list). Financing is available to qualified customers.

Contact us to request a free evaluation of your building or to learn more about how we can help your business. Our team will help you to find an optimum, customized exit and/or emergency lighting solution for your needs.