The Exit Light Company is uniquely qualified to sell exit signs and emergency egress lighting. We are not only an internet retailer, but remain engaged in the professional installation and maintenance of both energy-efficient lighting and exit signs & emergency lighting sytems. We can do this because we are certified as a licensed California electrical contractor (C-10 electrical contractor’s license #792430). Our unique background has provided us with valuable experience and insights into the lighting services industry.

The lighting services division of The Exit Light Company still remains focused in two areas:

Energy Effecient Lighting

Our customized solutions allow you to illuminate an area with a superior light (more light lumens per watt, increased efficiency, better CRI, etc.) with a smaller energy consumption, saving you money.

Exit Signs & Emergency Lighting

We design, engineer, install, test and maintain exit & emergency lighting systems. Rely on real professionals to avoid serious liability and to save money.

Licensed San Diego Electrical Contractor (License No. 792430)

Contact us to request a free evaluation of your building or facility, or to learn more about how we can help your business.