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Fire Codes & Regulations

In 1736, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Benjamin Franklin formed the first American volunteer fire company. Other colonies soon did the same. Notable historical figures who served as volunteer firefighters include Sam Adams, Alexander Hamilton, John Hancock, Paul Revere, and George Washington.

Find out more about your local fire and building codes by starting here. If you are simply interested in the minimum facts, use the "U.S. State Code Finder" below and highlight your state in the map. For more in-depth information, follow the links to the right where you can learn about the history of U.S. building and fire codes along with interesting fire facts about each state. Historical fires are detailed along with the impact that they had on the development of codes. Pertinent portions of all the major U.S. fire and building codes are also provided, along with links to specialized codes that apply to the municipalities of New York City or The City of Chicago.


U.S. State Code Finder

Select your state or territory for pertinent details about local fire codes and regulations. While many states or territories have adopted the International Building Code® or International Fire Code® in whole, some have made modifications – omitting some portions, or amending others. In some states, only certain municipalities or counties have adopted these standards.

Highlighting a state will reveal which model codes have been adopted, and any known preferences for exit sign lettering (red or green lettering). Clicking on the state will redirect you to information about the local fire code enforcement agency, and some historical background on fires in that state.

Always contact your local fire code enforcement agency for the latest and most accurate information concerning regulations for your particular state, county or municipality.

USA State Map

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Fire Codes in U.S. Territories & The District of Columbia

American Samoa

American Samoa Flag  • International Building Code®

Guam Flag  • International Building Code®
 • International Fire Code®
 • (Green Lettering Recommended)
Northern Mariana Islands

Northern Mariana Islands Flag  • International Building Code®
Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico Flag  • International Building Code®
 • International Fire Code®
U.S. Virgin Islands

U.S. Virgin Islands Flag  • International Building Code®
 • International Fire Code®
District of Columbia

District_of_Columbia Flag  • International Building Code®
 • International Fire Code®
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