DISCLAIMER: The Exit Light Company recommends only a licensed electrician install emergency lighting fixtures. Please do not attempt to install unless you are qualified. Neglecting this notice will void the product warranty and could cause serious injury or death. The Exit Light Company will not be held liable for injury or death for following the instructions.

Discussed in this article : A recessed exit sign comes in a kit; recess box and edge lit exit sign. See how to assemble together.

Tools Needed:

  1. Drill or Screwdriver. Phillips screwdriver and small flathead screwdriver.
  2. Turn off the circuit. Never attempt to install an exit sign on a live circuit. Rather, turn off the power at the panel and follow lockout/tagout procedure.

1. Remove Front Cover of Edge Lit Exit Sign:

  • There are small entries on each side to insert the flat head screwdriver.
  • Insert the screwdriver in one of the entry points and pry up to lift up the cover and remove.

2. Removing The Side Cover:

  • Locate the side with the red test button and AC indicator light.
  • Remove the 3 phillip screws. Make sure not to pull the end cover otherwise, the connectors might become damaged.

3. Removing AC Light and Test Button:

  • Push the AC indicator light inwards to release from the small plastic trim. *Make sure to remove the small black trim, it will be needed at a later step.
  • Remove the plastic washer holding the test button in place and detach the test button from the black cover.
  • Disconnect the AC indicator light and test button.

4. Prepping the AC Light and Test Button:

  • Feed both AC light and Test Button through the top hole of the black cover.
  • Make sure to leave some slack.
  • Once the wires are fed through, attach the black cover back to the housing.

5. Prepping Installation Wires:

  • Locate the small cover on the other end of the exit sign housing.
  • Remove the black cover.
  • Fedd all 4 installation wires through.
  • Connect the battery and snap the front cover back in place.

6. Prepping the Recess Box:

  • Remove the 2 phillip screws and set aside.
  • The cover comes right off.

7. Transfer AC Light and Test Button:

  • Each component will fit in its corresponding slot.
  • Feed the test button through the back and secure it using the small plastic washer.
  • Insert the small plastic trim piece that held the AC light into the corresponding slot.
  • Insert the AC light through the back and snap it in place.

8. Prepping the Inside of the Box:

  • Remove the aluminum cover piece located inside the recess box.
  • Using a small flat head screwdriver, pry the cover off.
  • All installation wires will be fed through here.
  • Once all wires are connected properly, place cover over to hide all the wires.

9. Align the Exit Sign Housing:

  • A white bracket will hold the exit sign housing in place.
  • Align the exit sign housing in the middle and push down until the housing sits in place; the housing should not be loose.
  • If alignment is needed, slide the housing accordingly.

10. Trim Plate:

  • Connect the test button that is on the trim plate to the white connector coming out of the exit sign.
  • Slide the AC light into its corresponding slot on the trim plate; this should snap in place.
  • Place the trim plate cover back on the recess box and secure it with the two phillip screws.

11. Faceplate:

  • Locate the faceplate of choice, peel off any plastic coverings and/or protective film.
  • Snap the faceplate onto the exit sign; begin with snapping one side first then the next until it snaps into place and its safely secured.

By following these steps, you can successfully assembled a recessed mount exit sign.