DISCLAIMER: The Exit Light Company recommends only a licensed electrician install emergency lighting fixtures. Please do not attempt to install unless you are qualified. Neglecting this notice will void the product warranty and could cause serious injury or death. The Exit Light Company will not be held liable for injury or death for following the instructions.

Discussed in this article : Step by Step Instructions on How to Change a Faceplate and Replace Battery on an ELRT and ELSM Series Exit Sign

Tools/Product Needed:

  1. Flat Head Screwdriver. Small screwdriver is suggested.
  2. Phillips Screwdriver. Small screwdriver is suggested.
  3. Replacement Faceplate. Faceplates can be purchased with different options; single sided, double sided, etc.
  4. Replacement Battery. Replacement NiCad Batteries can be purchased separately: 4.8V 300mAh

1. Battery Replacement:

  • Before you begin, remove the front cover of the ELRT or ELSM exit sign.
  • There are small entries on each side to insert the flat head screwdriver.
  • Insert the screwdriver in one of the entry points and pry up to lift up the cover and remove.

2. Locating and Removing the Battery:

  • Typically, the NiCad battery is shrink wrapped with yellow wrap with two connectors attached.
  • Once identified, disconnect the battery and pull out of its cradle.
  • Dispose of the old battery properly according to local regulations for hazardous waste.

3. Replacing the Battery:

  • Insert the new battery into the cradle.
  • Connect the battery connector.
  • Tug the wires in place so that they are not exposed and/or pinched.

4. Placing the front cover back:

  • Begin by placing the top side of the cover first on the housing of the ELRT or ELSM exit sign.
  • Once the top part of the cover is on the housing, snap the cover to the bottom part of the housing, you should hear a snap; this will ensure the cover has been placed properly.

1. Removing the Faceplate:

  • Start removing the 3 small phillip screws on the side without the test button.
  • Now with the white end cap exposed, remove it by pulling it out; this is holding the faceplate in place.
  • Slide the faceplate out.

2. Inserting the Faceplate:

  • Slide the new faceplate into the housing of the exit sign.
  • Insert the white end cap back into the housing.
  • Re-attach the black end cover.

Please note, the adjustability on the ELRT series exit sign is determined on how to tight the side covers are; the tighter the cover is the firmer the faceplate will be and vice versa.