DISCLAIMER: The Exit Light Company recommends only a licensed electrician install emergency lighting fixtures. Please do not attempt to install unless you are qualified. Neglecting this notice will void the product warranty and could cause serious injury or death. The Exit Light Company will not be held liable for injury or death for following the instructions.

Discussed in this article : Step by Step Instructions on How to Re-Attach a Head Lamp on EL-2 Emergency Light. *These steps could also apply to other similar style lamp heads.

Tools/Product Needed:

  1. Flat Head Screwdriver. Small screwdriver is suggested.

1. Initial Inspection:

  • Before you begin, confirm there are no broken pieces.
  • If everything is intact, proceed to step 2.
  • If there are broken pieces, re-attaching the lamp head might not be a permanent solution.

2. Removing the Plastic Lens Cover:

  • Using the small flathead screw driver carefully remove the plastic lens cover.
  • Remove the LED board all together.
  • Do not pull the LED board completely out as this is still connected to the circuit board.

3. Re-attaching the Housing:

  • This step will require some patience and might take several tries.
  • The lamp housing needs to be attached to the plastic clips on the emergency housing.
  • Squeeze the housing from one side, to allow the bottom part to open wide enough for the clips to fit.
  • With a small amount of force, angle the lamp housing until the clips fall into place.
  • Wiggle the lamp housing to ensure the clips are in place and the lamp head does not fall off.

4. Reverse Your Steps:

  • After re-attaching the lamp head, reverse the steps to assemble the lamp head with the LED board and plastic cover.