LED Flashlight / Lamp - 2 Way USB Charging

Base Code: RZFLHE-A99

LED Flashlight / Lamp - 2 Way USB Charging

Safety on the Go: This durable and compact LED Lantern / Flashlight is designed to provide excellent lighting for any power failure emergency situation with its 4 different light modes.  The IPx4 Water Restiance allows use of the RZFLHEA99 in Emeregency Sitatuations involving heavy rain, and the recessed hook allow for hand free use as a lantern.  A built in USB cable makes it convenient to recharge the lantern, and the external USB port turns this Emergency Flashlight into a Battery Bank, capabale of charging your cell phone, useful in any emergency sitation.  

This compact, lightweight, and multi-purpose light is ready for your travels, go bag, or glove compartment.

The RZFLHE-A99 power out flashlight is equipped with a maintenance free 5V 2600mAh re-chargeable battery. The battery can be re-charged with the built-in 2-way USB cable.
LED Lighting

LED Lighting
This unit uses energy effecient and long lasting LED's.

Battery Included

Battery Included
This unit contains a battery for backup power. The battery must be connected during installation.


  • IP4X Water Resistant
  • Excellent lighting for any power failure situation
  • 2 Flashlight Modes : 100% Brightness and 50% Brightness
  • 2 Side Lantern Modes : 360° Bright Mode and 180° Dim Mode
  • Included USB Cable for easy recharging
  • USB Port for external device charging


Weight5.00 lb

Whats included?

  • Power Out Flashlight & Laamp
  • User Manual

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