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UPS Battery, Rechargeable SLA - 12 Volt, 103 Amp Hour

UPS Battery, Rechargeable SLA - 12 Volt, 103 Amp Hour

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    Price: $304.00

    Product Code: B-PG-12V103FR

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    • UL Listed, UL 924 Compliant
    • Long Life - Thick plate design and efficient gas recombination yield an extended service life in standby mode
    • Low Internal Resistance - Superb high rate discharge characteristics ensure reliable performance
    • Maintenance Free, Non-Spillable - Proven valve regulated, spill proof construction guarantees safe operation without maintenance and non-restricted article status for transportation
    • Low Self-Discharge - Lead-Calcium alloy grids and use of high purity lead account for superior shelf-life characteristics permitting storage for extended periods of time.
    • Rugged plastic case and cover, flame retardant to UL94 V-O
    • Meets Underwriters Laboratories (UL) standards for safety testing for use in a complete UL Listed product
    • CE Certified - Meets European Union (EU) consumer safety, health & environmental requirements
    • Convenient Handle - Detachable ABS carrying handle


    UL Listed, UL 924 Compliant, Replacement 12 Volt 103 Ah rechargeable sealed lead acid (SLA) battery that meets strict requirements of UPS and Telecom equipment backup systems.


    Length 13"
    Width 6.8"
    Height 8.66"
    Weight 70.00 lbs.
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