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Battery 6V, 4.5Ah

Battery 6V, 4.5Ah

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    Price: $13.00

    Product Code: B6V4A

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    • Battery for Exit Signs and Emergency Lights.
    • 6 Volt, 4.5 amp hour sealed lead acid (SLA)
    • Can be used to replace 6 Volt, 5 amp hour batteries.


    Rechargeable 6 Volt 4.5 amp hour, sealed lead acid, universal replacement battery for Exit Signs and Emergency Lights. Works for many models and brands. (Can be used to replace 6 Volt, 5 amp hour batteries)

    Replacement battery for the following products: COMBOR-RH, COMBOG-RH, COMBOR-ST, COMBOG-ST, COMBORB, COMBOT-G-ST, COMBOT-R-ST, EL-B, EL-WST, EL-BST, EL-FW, EL-FB, EL-WETMR16, EL-BE, EL-BEB, EL-MR16-SQ, EL-MR16B-SQ, EL-MR16-SQ-ST, EL-MR16, EL-MR16B, EL-DB, EL-DW.


    Width 2.75"
    Height 4.125"
    Depth 1.8125"
    Weight 2.00 lbs.
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