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In our Installation Help section of our Knowledge Base, you'll learn what's involved in professional installation and maintanance of emergency lighting systems.

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How To Install an Exit Sign How To Connect a Remote Head

Article: How to Install an Exit Sign

Is your company's facility ready to respond in case of an emergency? Do your occupants and staff members possess knowledge of the appropriate evacuation routes within the building? Installing an emergency exit indicator is of utmost significance to guide them accurately.

It may be something that you have never noticed, that there exist two distinct varieties of exit signs: those affixed to walls and those suspended from the ceiling. As anticipated, these sign luminaries require separate installation procedures.

Refer to the comprehensive manual below, which provides detailed instructions on the installation of an exit sign, along with important considerations to bear in mind during the process.

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Article: How to Connect a Remote Head

Adding a remote head to an existing emergency light involves some technical knowledge and considerations to ensure that the modification is done safely and in compliance with local building codes and regulations. Here's a general overview of the steps you might take.

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Article: How to Splice a NiCad Battery

Batteries come in different shapes and sizes, this also includes battery connectors. The Exit Light Company offers a wide variety of batteries, however, we suggest keeping your existing battery leads connectors to ensure the proper connectivity is accomplished. This will involve some splicing of the new and old battery, learn how.

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Article: How to Change a Flaceplate on an Edge Lit Exit Sign

The ELSM and ELRT series exit sign have both replaceable batteries and faceplates. Learn how to keep your edge lit exit sign well maintained as well as knowing how to replace/swap faceplates when needed.

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Article: How to Assemble a Recessed Exit Sign

The ELRT-RM series is a kit, this means two items are received upon arrival. Learn how to assemble the recessed kit box with the compatible edge lit exit sign.

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Article: How to Reattach an Emergency Light Head

Sometimes, upon receving your emregency lights you'll get some that have lamp heads knocked off. This is a simple fix; learn how to re-attached a fallen emergency lamp head.

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