LED Remote Heads

The Exit Light Company features a line of All LED illuminated exit signs and emergency lighting. Light emitting diodes (LEDs) are energy-efficient - providing greater efficiency of size (more light in a smaller package), using much less energy (up to 1/10th the energy), and lasting much longer (up to 50x life span) than standard incandescent, or even halogen lamps.

For many years, LED exit signs have been used to comply with building fire codes and insurance standards. Now, LEDs can also provide bright, clear efficient emergency lighting. LED remote heads can provide even more lighting, by allowing lights to be placed for the most effective illumination.

These highly-efficient exit signs and emergency lights also use maintenance free Ni-Cad batteries. These batteries are smaller, longer lasting, and more tolerant of deep discharge issues than the older sealed lead acid batteries. The combination of these two technologies provide for smaller, more energy-efficient products, lowering your energy consumption and saving you money every month.

The Exit Light Co. - LED Emergency Light Remote Head | Single or Double | Multi Volt