LED Emergency Light Remote Head | Single or Double | Multi Volt

Base Code: RHB-L

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LED Emergency Light Remote Head | Single or Double | Multi Volt


Keep the energy savings coming! By using LED remote heads with your remote capable LED emergency light, you not only lower the cost of operating 2 units, you also lower the cost versus standard incandescent units.

Compatible Units (Battery Backup + Remote Head Capable Option Must be Selected)

Emergency Light(s): EL-2EL-M2, and EL-LWET

Combo Exit Sign(s): COMBO2COMBOJR2, and COMBOLP

Exit Sign(s): LEDJR

DC Power Required

DC Power Required
This product requires a low-voltage DC power source.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting
This product uses energy efficient and long lasting LED's.


  • Adjustable 12 LED lamp head
  • Constructed of VO flame retardant, high impact thermoplastic housing
  • For use with any remote head capable emergency light or exit sign with matching voltage

Previous Product Codes: RHB-L1 and RHB-L2


Dimensions (May Vary by Model)
Weight2.00 lb

What's included?

  • Single or Double Lamp LED Remote Head
  • Mounting Hardware


The RHB-L remote head is constructed from injection-molded, engineering grade, 5VA flame retardant, high-impact resistant, thermoplastic white finish. 


Smooth thermoplastic reflector with plastic lens for optimal light distribution. Adjustable lamp head with 12 LED's that provides increased center-to-center spacing.

Electrical Components

Powered by a low voltage DC power source (base unit not included) and fed with low voltage wire (not included). Pigtail installation wires are equipped with each remote head; Blue Wire for Negative and Yellow Wire for Positive (3.6-9.6VDC).


The RHB-L LED Remote Head includes a universal mounting base plate and mounting hardware. The distance of maximum run is determined by system voltage, wire gauge, and total maximum wattage on the run and should thus be determined by a qualified expert. While suitable for wall or ceiling mount, each remote head needs to be paired to a remote head capable base unit (emergency light, exit sign, or combo exit sign). Input wires on each remote heads are labeled positive (+) or negative (-) and must match the polarity of the feed wires from the remote capable base unit. See "How To Connect a Remote Head" for additional information.

Mounting Configurations   Mounting Configurations Explained


LED Emergency Light Remote Head | Single or Double | Multi Volt Dimensions

Customer Questions & Answers
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Q David Kohl • 05/31/2019, 0:04:38 AM Is your LED Emergency Light Remote Head | Single Base Code: ELCRHB-L unit operate on 277 or 120 volts?
A Exit Light Co. The ELCRHB-L will run 120 or 277. Whichever one the main unit is wired too.
Q Jeff Lentz • 10/04/2019, 12:46:33 PM Is this head for outdoor use
A Exit Light Co. This is an indoor fixture. It is not suitable for outdoor use.
Q Gary D Curry • 01/03/2020, 9:10:20 PM Can this light be used outside and be hooked up to the inside emergency light
A Exit Light Co. Although a remote head, this light was not designed for exterior use.
Q T. Briggs Carson • 10/31/2023, 9:57:28 PM What's the wattage of the LED remote head on a 6 volt system?
A Exit Light Co. These remote heads are 1 Watt. The wattage is not affected by the voltage.
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